Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does Quote my Cargo work?

    Quote my Cargo matches people seeking quotes for their freight requests with several freight forwarders. How it works:

    • Anyone can request a free quote on Quote my Cargo for any of their freight needs
    • Your quote request is then sent out to several freight forwarders
    • Once you are happy with a quotation, you can assign the job to any of the freight forwarders.


  2. What is a quote?

    A quote is a price provided to carry out a specific service. It is usually provided by a business to a potential client. A quote can also include a range of descriptions of a service that will be provided. It is very common for those requiring a service to consider a few quotations before deciding on which professional to use.

  3. What is a job?

    A job can be any service needed – export shipments, import shipments, road freight, rail freight, etc. It is important to post a job  describing all your requirements so that matching freight forwarders can provide you with their quotes.

  4. Where can I leave suggestions?

    We have a “Site feedback” page, where you can provide any kind of feedback – aspects you like about the site, testimonials, things you do not like, and also things you would like to see on the site. The “Site feedback” link is located to the right of the home page.

  5. I forgot my password, how do I reset it?

    On the Quote my Cargo login screen, click “Forgot your password?” and follow the on-screen directions.

Freight Forwarder FAQ’s

  1. How does Quote my Cargo work for freight forwarders?

    Only freight forwarders are able to quote on jobs.

    • Sign up and tell us which services you provide
    • Use email alerts to get notified of new quote requests
    • Select the jobs you would like to quote on
    • Only pay a small success fee once your quote is accepted by the client
  2. What are the costs for freight forwarders?

    There is no cost to sign up to Quote my Cargo. Freight forwarders are also able to quote on jobs for free, and you only pay once you have been assigned the job by the shipper. Our costing structure is based on a small percentage of 3% from the amount quoted.

  3. What if I pay and the shipment is cancelled?

    If you were to pay any success fee and the shipment is cancelled by the shipper, we will refund this to you.

  4. How do I register as a freight forwarder?

    To register as a freight forwarder and start quoting on jobs, click “Sign up as a Freight Forwarder” on the homepage. Complete the required fields with your business details and click “Sign up”. Login using your chosen username and password.

  5. Can my business details be seen by anybody?

    Freight forwarders will receive a basic business listing which features the company name, logo and services provided. You can also add photos and your website details on your profile. These are all displayed on your profile page free of charge.

  6. Do I need to create a business account to quote projects?

    Yes, in order to be able to quote on quote requests you must sign up as a freight forwarder and let us know the services provided by your business.

  7. How do I quote on a job?

    On the quote request you wish to quote on, click more details. At the bottom of the quote request, enter in your quote details and click "Post bid". You can provide the shipper with a quote including as much detail as you want (contact details are not allowed).

  8. Are my quotes seen by everyone?

    No, your quotation can only be seen by yourself and the shipper.

  9. Are quotes binding?

    Quotes are not legally binding; however we will not provide a refund if the client cancels the shipment if you were to increase your quote after being assigned the job by the shipper.

Shipper FAQ’s

  1. What does it cost to post a quote request?

    Posting a quote request is 100% free on Quote my Cargo.

  2. How do I create a quote request?

    To create a new quote request, you can simply click "Request quote" request form at the top of the page under the "Manage Jobs" tab, or alternatively use the "Request Quote" button to the right of the screen.

  3. How do I edit a quote request?

    Once you have posted your quote request, you can still edit this at any time. To edit a job, click the “My Jobs” link under the Manage Jobs tab when you are signed in and click on the edit button of the particular job you want to edit.

  4. Can I add attachments to my quote request?

    Yes. You can add supporting material (cargo images, etc.) when posting a quote request.

  5. How do I close a quote request?

    Go to “My Jobs” under the Manage Jobs tab and click delete on the quote request that you wish to close.

  6. How do I assign my shipment to a freight forwarder?

    Go to “My Jobs” under the Manage Jobs tab and click on the title of the quote request you wish to assign. Browse to the freight forwarder’s quote you wish to secure and click “Award Job”.

  7. Can I hide my profile?

    Only your username and the date you joined Quote my Cargo can be seen by all visitors. Your personal details will not be published, however please ensure your contact details provided are correct as once you assign your shipment to a freight forwarder they will contact you for arrangements. Your contact details will only be visible to the freight forwarder you selected after awarding the job to them.


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